The Forgotten Conflict Country in East Africa and Its Technological Development

Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa, adjacent to the Arabian Peninsula; Somalia is geographically located in a very advantageous region, bordering both Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. Country’s land area is estimated to 637 660 km2. It shares borders with Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti.

For close to two decades Somalia has not had a central powerful government since the overthrow Siad Barre regime in 1991 and has had 18 regions from corner to corner The country has an estimated population of about 9 million in 1995, of which 75% in rural areas.

Rate of population growth is about 3%, while Mogadishu is growing by a rate of 10% a year (World Bank, 1995).
Agriculture is the second traditional occupation for most Somalis, after nomadic livestock grazing/raising. Livestock and banana export is country’s two principal revenue generating sectors. Somalia has one of the lowest human development index (HDI) in the world.

Although Somalia has had the above mentioned history things was changed since 1993 and Somalis acknowledged establishing a business system so as to maintain their existence as nation and community.

The technology development in the country and the ongoing violence became analogous and each district and village has its own three telecom companies such as Hormuud Telecom, Telecom Somalia and Nation link telecom.

These three telecommunication companies are the leading telecommunication companies in the country and each one has small branches in all districts and villages in Somalia.

However, the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) would like to explain in this report the activities of each this listed telecommunication companies in Somalia.

Somalia people have easy access to make conversation on landline phones each other without charge but there is a monthly rent amount of $10 per each line in a house or business room.

In addition to that, these three telecommunication companies have GSM mobile lines as well and Somalis are oral society who is active customers for using GSM mobiles. More than 50,000 people are using currently at these three telecommunication companies countrywide.

For example the family consists of 8 people 5 of them have a GSM mobiles both female and male as well as the most beneficiary people are political parties and business community while the civilians are non beneficiary society.

The warring sides and the independent gangsters have also a good opportunity for using GSM mobiles while they are organizing assassinations, attacks and abductions.

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