URI appeals for famine relief in Somalia

The United Religions Initiative (URI) was officially announced yesterday her appeals for famine relief in Somalia. This comes from when the URI Africa coordinator Mr. Musa Hailu and The Somalia circle members of URI including the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) started discussion towards Somalis lifesaving and the role of the religious leaders.

The first URI meeting took place at the Sikh Temple, Nanaksar, Brookside Drive, Westlands, in Nairobi on 14th August, 2011. The meeting opened at around 16.00 by prayers offered by Sr Maggi and by a prayer according to the Moslem Faith on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

The meeting was chaired by Mrs Channa. Ambassador Mussie Hailu, URI Coordinator for Africa, was present as he was visiting Nairobi on his way to an international conference in Kampala. There followed a brief presentation of each participant.

The participants was Ambassador Mussie Hailu, Mrs Rattan Channa, Dr Angali Musinde, Nyambura Murdia, Sunneler Sagoo, Abdihakim Ayuta, Daud Abdi, Evans Ishuga, Kholef Ashkir, Hussein Ahmed, Fr Bill Moroney, Sr Maggi Kennedy, Wani James, Diyuo Josephat, Tukamushaba Lawrence, Dominic K. Isiru, Bethnel Wanyembe, Calystus Wafula, Dickens Omondi, Pwaipwai Jeridah, George Matheka, Judith Ondisah Mondi, Beatrice Iminza Efetha, Serah Musimbi, Elisabeth Anzere, Benson Andaye, Lonica Minayo, Apollo Vidonyi Kiliru, Fr Luigi Morell.

There was two top agenda’s over the meeting one was the crisis in Somalia while the other one was the Kampala Meeting.


Finally the United Religions Initiative (URI) was successfully publicized her appeal for famine relief in Somalia which is emerchance lifesaving.


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