Mogadishu: Incredible Views from the Frontline

The Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture
(SOMESHA) would like to disseminate the latest developments from the
deadly attack against Somalia students outside the office of the
ministry of higher education in Mogadishu yesterday.

SOMESHA received several letters from worldwide governments to the
Somali people in order to make solidarity.

UN issued a statement from the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General
on Somalia. The Secretary-General is appalled by the vicious suicide
bomb attack targeting government offices and ministries in Mogadishu
today, which has killed scores of people and injured many more,
including, reportedly, students who were inside the education ministry
at the time of the attack. It is incomprehensible that innocents are
being senselessly targeted.

USA   condemned the attack; MS. Victoria Nuland who is the
spokesperson of the US department of State commented the yesterday’s
Mogadishu deadly attacks and said “It’s yet another indication, if
anyone needed one, of al-Shabaab’s complete disregard for human life
and particularly for Somali life. We understand that at least 70
people have been killed, near by 150 wounded. Some of those involved
in this accident were – in this awful terrorist attack were actually
children who had gone to the ministry of education with their parents
to find out whether they could win scholarships. So this is obviously
a vicious act by al-Shabaab and further cements its terrorist

The UN Special Representative for Somalia, Dr. Augustine P. Mahiga,
has expressed his strong condemnation of a vehicle-borne suicide bomb
attack at a Transitional Federal Government complex in south Mogadishu
which has left scores of people dead and many more wounded.

“I am deeply saddened by this senseless and cowardly attack. I would
like to send my deep condolences to the families of the victims,” said
Dr. Mahiga. “These actions are unacceptable. The murder of ordinary
Somalis can not be justified for any reason.”

“Although the extremists have left the capital, it is very difficult
to prevent these types of terrorist attacks which we have consistently
warned are likely to be on the increase,” added Dr. Mahiga

A media briefing note from the Spokesperson of the foreign minister of
France Quai d’Orsay indicated that France condemns the horrific
terrorist attack that struck yesterday morning in Mogadishu, which has
killed over sixty people and injured over a hundred others.

In these tragic circumstances, France reaffirms its solidarity with
the Somali population and supports the authorities of the Transitional
Federal Government in their fight against terrorism.

According to SOMESHA’s monitoring and evaluation group over 150 people
injured by the blast were admitted to the city’s Medina Hospital as
well as Banadir Hospital though the very big injured people admitted
to AMISOM hospital.  Many suffered burns and fractures, some of the
others are currently undergoing surgery. Doctors and nurses of the
above stated hospitals are working pretty much the clock.

Note to the editors:

SOMESHA set a team on the ground in order to pave the way
companionship group effort from both local and out of the country.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact the prominent
green writer Hassan Ali Gesey on +252699314444 for English language
interview and the prominent science journalist Bashir Mohamud
Abdilkadir for Arabic language interviews on +2525989886 or email at


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