US military released two foreign hostages by force in Somalia

TheUSsoldiers carried out a military action against Somali pirates in order to release two foreign hostages including American women. The operation was done on earlier Wednesday morning at around 4:30 AM in small village called Higalle and located in the semi-autonomous Galmudug region in October while working for the Danish Demining Group (DDG).

AU.S.military helicopters and Navy seals operating out of an American base in the tiny east African nation ofDjibouti. After the mission, they returned to theDjiboutibase with the two Hostages Jessica Buchanan and Dane Poul Hagen.

The president of the semiautonomous state of Galmudug welcomed the operation while he was on his way from Galkayo to Hobyo district in order to push the release of aGermanyjournalist abducted also there. Hobyo is a pirate hub district in centralSomalia.

Somaliais one of the most dangerous places in the world, polluted by pirate gangs and countless Islamic militant groups, a lawless space that has languished for 21 years without a powerful central government. Many other hostages remain inSomalia, including a British tourist, several other aid workers, shipping crews and others.

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