Exiled Somali journalists mark emotional event to celebrate world radio day

The exiled Somali journalists based in Nairobi, Kenya celebrated the world’s radio day on Monday February 13, 2012 at hotel Madina in East-Leigh village of Nairobi at around 3:00pm. It was the first time to celebrate in the name of Somali journalists and the gathering was organized by the Somali Exiled Journalists Association (SEJASS) as UNESCO requested all countries to celebrate this Day by undertaking activities with diverse partners, such as national, regional and international broadcasting associations and organizations, non-governmental organizations, media organizations, outlets as well as the public at large.

The Secretary General of the African Federation of Environmental Journalists (AFEJ) and the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) honorable Daud Abdi Daud who attended the event addressed the journalists along with the other distinguished guests from Somali civil society organizations, elders and parliamentarian members from the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and said” its my pleasure to be with you today and participate this world’s radio day celebration here at Madina mall/hotel but I would like to remind you that Somali radio stations are the most vulnerable media outlets in the world as near by 10 radio fm stations are still off-air and looted by Shabab  such as Somaliweyn radio, capital voice, including the most largest and prominent radio station hornafrik based in Mogadishu and several Somali regions”.

Mr. Daud shared the participants the history of radio channels and their importance to disseminate news or public agendas as well as their side effects if it’s used a wrong manner and thanked the current chairman of Somali Exiled Journalists Association (SEJASS) Mr. Mohamed Osman better known as “New York” who is also a good quality journalism teacher and taught at least 500 media professionals nationwide for his creativity and endeavor.

13 February is a date proclaimed by UNESCO to celebrate radio broadcast, improve international cooperation among radio broadcasters and encourage decision-makers to create and provide access to information through radio, including community radios. It’s an occasion to draw attention to the unique value of radio, which remains the medium to reach the widest audience and is currently taking up new technological forms and devices.

Check below all resources being made available for you for free or visit: http://worldradioday.org/

15 ideas on how to celebrate the Day

Help broadcast the message of UNESCO’s Director-General on World Radio Day in all public, private and community radio.

Select a theme on radio and produce a radio programme or a small public service message to be repeatedly diffused on 13 February 2012.

Organise a small radio/television debates/discussions involving stakeholders (broadcasters, policy-makers, academics, legal fraternity) on the relevance of radio in citizens’ lives.

Organize phone-in radio shows so that the audience or the community can say why radio is important to them or which were the great radio moments they remember.

Interview radio personalities in your country as well as diffuse UNESCO’s interview to one of them.

Diffuse our collection of sound bites on famous UNESCO moments.

Diffuse UNESCO’s recordings on the proclamation of the World Radio Day.

Download, exhibit and distribution UNESCO’s recent publication “Good practices on community media”.

Display and distribute Free and Open software for radio programming and scheduling through UNESCO’s Open and Free Source software portal.

Display and distribute radio training courseware from UNESCO’s Open Training Platform
Radio Production on Open Training Platform

Display and distribute free materials from UNESCO regarding broadcasting
Publications on Community Media
How to get started and keep going: a guide to Community Multimedia Centres
Publications related to Broadcasting
Publications produced or sponsored by UNESCO’s Communication and and Information Sector

Join UNESCO in launching the publication “Community Media: A Good Practice Handbook”

Join the National Commission for UNESCO in your country to facilitate celebrating national events
About National Commissions for UNESCO

Encourage all newspapers/radio/television website editors to place a banner on World Radio Day on 13 February.

Celebrate the Day together with the World Association of Community Broadcasters (AMARC) or local associations of community radios.


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