Global eyes are on Somalia, as they strive to find a lasting solution to decades of conflict

Global eyes are on Somalia, as they strive to find a lasting solution
to decades of conflict

The Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture
(SOMESHA) is aiming to do monitoring over the London conference and
will do brilliant news bulletins all the time before and after the
conference in accurate manner time by time.

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has announced on
February 10, 2012 that it will be spending over 4.5 million on a
serious of projects meant to improve security and the lives of
ordinary Somalis in Mogadishu.

According to deputy especial representative of the chairperson of the
African union commission for Somalia honorable wafula wamunyinyi, Over
1million from international donors will be spent on the construction
of a school in wadajir district, supply of the generators for  the
mother and child hospital better known as Banadir hospital equipment
and supplies for police stations, installation of water treatment
facilities to provide clean drinking water for nearly 1.3 million
people in 4 of the capitals districts.

On the other hands, the peace and security council of the African
Union (AU) at its 311 meeting held on February 16, 2012 was briefed by
ambassador Greg Dorey permanent representative of the united kingdom
to the AU on the conference on Somalia scheduled for February 23, 2012
in London.

Council expressed appreciation to the ambassador for his briefing and
the information provided. Council welcomed the convening of the
conference and looks forward to its positive impact in terms of the
enhancement of the international community’s support to the political,
security, humanitarian and developmental effort in Somalia.

The London conference participants were endorsed and support for the
Roadmap backed by the United Nations on ending the transition period
which charts the major tasks which need to take place over the next
nine months in Somalia. The four pillars of the Roadmap are –
security, constitution outreach and reconciliation and good governance
except Somaliland but it’s widely believed that they will support and
sign during the London conference.

On Somaliland matter, there will be a test attempt based on suggestion, if all the political leaders from all over Somalia could boost and endorse Somaliland’s independent and its political achievement. The hope of Somaliland to be independent nation or separation as a neighbor country next to Somalia will depends on the Somalis representatives on the table which from different regions with different ethnicity nationwide. If no comes out it should be part on the coming federal institutions by power sharing arrangements, otherwise the international community possibly will take another decision.


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