Somalia on the move to sustain millennium Development Goals

Somalia has experienced dramatic environmental shifts following two decades of insecurity and chaos in the country. As Somalis strive for lasting peace in their country international community and Somali people who live throughout the world have finally responded a huge and dramatic drought conditions over the last three (3) years which has taken thousands of lives in Somalia. The heroic visit of the Turkish Prime Minister to Mogadishu marked a new era for millions of Somalis, As a result of the prime Minister’s visit, the United Nations Secretary General honorable Mr. Ban Ki-moon also did a quite dash for visit to Mogadishu.  After two decades of sliding backwards, Somalia needs a step change in effort both from the international community, but also Somalia’s political leaders due to that the United Kingdom organized a well prepared and high diplomatic conference on Somalia on February 23, 2012 at London. Senior representatives from more than 40 governments and multi-lateral organizations were attended London conference with the aim of delivering a new international approach to Somalia.

Now on, Istanbul Conference on Somalia which takes place from 32 may-June 2, 2012, provided the international with a unique opportunity to adopt common positions on the future of Somalia and aimed to chart immediate concrete actions in the political, security and economic spheres that will enable a smooth end of transition and establishment of an inclusive and broad-based political dispensation in Somalia after August 2012.

Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed told the conference that Somalia doesn’t have a national army and needs military training. “We need to have a realistic state structure,” he said. “These things are not easy at all because we are facing major problems, and especially the terrorists continue with their activities, and the clashes from tensions have hindered our efforts during the transition period.”

Somalia is aiming to be a formal nation on 2015 via developing its natural resources and do agribusiness production which can beat the repeated famine and violence.


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