SOMESHA concern over its chief’s safety

The Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) worried a new fresh threat from hunger profiteers and business men who made tremendous intimidation against Mr. Daud Abdi Daud who is an active, prominent Somali journalist and chief executive officer of SOMESHA.

The below listed business men threatened Daud to be killed in Kenya as he survived from Somalia last year in a same murder attempt and believed that these guys been involved. The men are familiar and from Mr. Daud’s close family in ethnicity but are blood and hunger profiteers and predators who are rich and been involved weapon smuggling, charcoal cutting terrorism fundraising and human business.

Daud worked very closely to the United Nations agencies who are investigating money laundering and terrorist financing and human trafficking since last year as well as the AU and UN information support team as outworker domestically.

  1. Mohamed Abdulahi Haji
  2. Mohamed Dahir Caday
  3. Said Nur Garish
  4. Jabril Hassan Qarey
  5. Abdulkadir Hashi Dhigif

Mohamed Abdulahi Haji who runs unknown and unregistered office in Kenya but formally named Jubba Express in which doing money laundering and terrorist financing and not part of the Kenyan based Somali Hawala council called Daud after they informally refused to work AU and UN investigators very unbiased and repeated threats and warned to withdraw from the media field completely.

Jubba Express Bank is doing a cover up activities on helping terrorist actors in various places in Africa Asia and Europe particularly South-Sudan, Uganda, Somalia, Kenya and Nigeria as well as many European countries and United Arab Emirates.

Few men of the group were acknowledged be involved journalists and Humanitarian workers abductions and killings and are a close relative also Mohamed Salad Farey also known as “Ahmed nur” who was the killer of two MSF staff in Mogadishu, Somalia on late December last year. The killer was formerly worked MSF as logistics officer but was discharged from the MSF office the day before the attack following a financial dispute.

SOMESHA calls the intimidators to stop their awful crime against Daud and if anything happen to him will take the responsibility and face justice.

For more details or interview you can be reached with Daud on +254 722 762 281 or write to him

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