Hormud announced a new system for internet bond

The Hormud Telecommunication Company opened today a new internet connection named 3G which is originally formulated the commonly used 4G system globally. The chairman of Hormud telecom Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Mohamed has today officially announced the availability of the 3G internet accessible system nationwide.

Mr. Ahmed also stated that Hormud telecom is always fighting to make sure the country’s technological development and already produced so many important systems in order to help their customers like Evocher, ,Zaad Sarves ,Evc,Gprs.

The 3G system is a new phenomenon internet accessible system in the country although the countrywide internet connectivity is very low in accordance with other regional availability.


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2 Responses to Hormud announced a new system for internet bond

  1. C/qani ok says:

    Thanks Hormud youre achivement on G3 internet is necessary for ever in somalia and on the globe,this is a historical event that has never pasted to us but ou expectation is much more high than youre expectation

  2. Kadar Abdi Mohamed says:

    what a portable internet Hormud brought

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