Somalia government magnifies her footsteps to chills media freedom

The Somalia Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) shocked and disappointed the way the appeals Court managed the case of journalist Abdiasis Abdinur Ibrahim today and convicted though it reduced his sentence from one year to six months.

Likely, Somalia government officials imitated till the case started that the journalist published a fabricated defamatory story in which caused that the attorney general charged the journalist, Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim, with insulting a government body as the government accused him that he was involved in an Al Jazeera news report on rape in Mogadishu’s displaced camps in which that Al Jazeera has kicked out publicly although later sentenced to a year in prison.

Shoddily, today the appeals court sentenced the journalist again six months in prison by claiming to reduce the first sentence as Judge Hassan Mohamed Ali announced and accused the journalist that he did not used the interview he was taken to a victim Lul Ali Osman on rape in Mogadishu’s displaced camps.

“Obviously, Somalia government officials become currently an additional threat to Somali journalists, who are already uncovered to substantial dangers and the appeals court sentence shows as that the freedom of the press is under threat and in need of urgent rescue” said Mr. Daud Abdi Daud, the Secretary General of SOMESHA

“Journalists should be able to keep the public informed without fearing fear of reprisal from the government officials for their lives and freedom similar to Islamist hardliners the Shabab, the threats of the journalists and the continuing unlawful detentions by the government officials have driven more journalists into exile from the country than from any other countries in the globe” Mr. Daud added

SOMESHA calls Somali journalists to come to gather and to discuss media freedom away forward and believe that the independent press is an essential contribution to national reconciliation, reconstruction and rule of law in Somalia.


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