Urgent Action Needed, Somalia Government Arrested ecologist

The Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) needs to get rid of the hidden detention over Somali-American green activist Mr. Mohamed Omar who heads Mogadishu based Green Land Organization on Sunday march, 2013 at around 12:00AM at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in Mogadishu without public know-how and proper charge.

According to one of CID officers who speak to SOMESHA by phone confirmed Mr. Mohamed Omar’s arrest and further indicated that Somalia’s Attorney General Mr. Abdulkadir Mohamed Muse ordered his detain although he deprived of to clearly describe the reason.

Obviously, CID officers did not allow him to meet any people or manage an independent lawyer as well as they did not convene any court yet. SOMESHA is very sorry Mr. Mohamed’s imprisonment without proper justification and calls his immediate release.

More about Green Land Organization go to: http://greenlandorg.net/about.html


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Somali Media for Environment, Science Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA)
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