The Deadly attacks at the Somalia Law courts should be Independently Investigated

gorod-afrahUnhappiness, on Sunday April 14, 2013, More than 20 people including government soldiers, journalists and lawyers were killed as four car bombs exploded outside the law courts in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu and gunmen stormed the building although later killed by the government security forces.

Nearby 10 civilians died in the compound including two prominent civilian lawyers who was successfully defended woman alleged that she was gang raped by the Somali security forces and a journalist interviewed her Abdiasis Abdinur Ibrahim, No government officials died at the compound except the security forces including the judges present at the law courts. Although the chair of the Supreme Court, H.E. Aided Abdullahi Ilkahanaf, the Attorney General H.E. Abdulkadir Mohamed Muse and the chairperson of the Banadir regional court H.E. Hashi Elmi Nur were present at the compound on their daily duty typically.

The Secretary General of the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and agriculture (SOMESHA) H.E. Mr. Daud Abdi Daud who has been tracking the reports coming out the compound said “We are indeed very distressing what had happened at the law courts building today though we have doubt the way the attacks systematized as we professionally know how the imaginative politically motivated attacks come about. This means there is something hidden and it can be in one way or another related the possibility of the government workers involvement from inside and outside according to the civilian casualties”.

“why I’ am is stressed these heinous intrusive crimes and difficulty in subsequent relationships that are formed as I am in doubt are those looks like one-sided attacks in which comes through bribes or something else I don’t know so we totally condemned and kindly requesting the Federal Government of Somalia officials to put in place an independent investigative taskforce due to the death of the two independent lawyers Prof. Mohamed Afrah and his colleague Abdikarim Gorod, both were present at the court on civilian defense  mission in which going on in the court during the day at around 11:00AM”. Mr. Daud added

The terrorists linked Islamist group, the Shabab claimed the responsibility of the attack but it’s clear there was a security weakness and possibly improper use of power according to the ongoing planed attacks by Shabab across the city.

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