Daud made a tremendous speech over Westgate attack in Nairobi

The Secretary General of SOMESHA who is also the East Africa coordinator of the International Association of Religion Journalists (IARJ) and the country coordinator of Somalia of the United Religions Initiative (URI) H.E. Mr. Daud Abdi Daud spoke over the Westgate attack on September 21, 2013 that killed at least 67 people and wounded nearby 200 today in an event prayer for westgate attack victims at organized by the United Religions Initiative (URA) on Saturday November 02. 2013 at Ramgarhia SikhTemple pangani in Nairobi, Kenya.

This prayer event brought together for the first time after Westgate attack regional and global interfaith and traditional religion leaders based in Nairobi, Kenya and distinguished guests from the academic and inter-faith society across religions. They discussed scholarly and humanly the role of religious leaders and they were prayed altogether the victims.

“I won’t be the last one to say once again that the Westgate Mall terror attack brought out the best and worst in and about us. On behalf of global journalists and media practitioners, let me remind you that we missed at Westgate attack a very prominent and dynamic female journalist late Ruhila Adatia and as we are journalists we will be with you every time and everywhere in the globe’. “as I believe that a long with the emergency professionals that journalists are the first responders when earthquakes, disasters and terrorist attacks happen ”. Said Mr. Daud


The key guest speakers of the United Religions Initiative (URI) programme for interfaith prayers were the Chair of URI Kenya, trustee to the global council of URI and Dr. Francis Kuria who is Secretary and executive director of the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK) as well as Mr. Hamed Ehsani former trustee URI and managing director of Village market.

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