Belgium Encourages Piracy Operations over Somalia Coast says Daud

The Secretary General of the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) H.E. Mr. Daud Abdi Daud commented today the arrest of Mr. Mohamed Aden better known as “Tiicey” who was tireless and talented leader of Himanheb regional state of Somalia headquartered in Addado district of Galgadud region of Somalia a long with former pirate chief Mohamed Abdi Hassan better known as “Afweyne” and underlines that Belgium government started to violate the ongoing international and domestic process to eliminate piracy operations across Somalia coast instead of supporting the initiatives to eradicate piracy actions over the coast of Somalia.

Belgian authorities announced on Monday October 14, 2013 that former Somali pirate leader Mohammed Abdi Hassan was detained by authorities at the Brussels Airport on Saturday October 12, 2013. Thought to be responsible for numerous vessel hijackings, Belgian prosecutors have been seeking Mohamed Abdi Hassan, also known as “Afweyne,” for some time. However, as Mohamed Abdi Hassan rarely traveled, authorities were unable to arrest him, and felt that an international arrest warrant would produce little result. In order to lure the pirate leader out of Somalia, authorities posed undercover to request his services as an expert adviser for a fake piracy documentary, which was to be modeled after his own experiences. Mohamed Abdi Hassan flew into Brussels in order to sign film contracts, but was instead arrested as soon as the plane touched down. His traveling companion, accomplice H. E. Mr. Mohamed Aden Tiiceey, was also arrested. Both Mohamed Abdi Hassan and Mr. Mohamed Aden Tiiceey face kidnapping and hijacking charges stemming from 2009, when they allegedly held a Belgian dredging ship captive [BBC report] for more than 70 days, only releasing the crew after receiving a large ransom.

“The allegation from Belgium authorities and against Mr. Mohamed Aden Tiiceey is over exaggeration and defamatory aggression, as I believe Mr. Tiicey was been involved respectively during his regional state administration leadership the release of many pirate hostages humanely in a peaceful manner through domestic campaigns and used local traditional leaders and women initiatives to release only the foreign hostages” Mr. Daud said

“To be honest, as I’m a professional investigative and environmental journalist I will do a close relationship with Belgium authorities to share about Mr. Tiicey and they should do a fellow up investigations over Mr. Tiicey’ concerning in order to know exactly what he was doing in Somalia and come up with neutral and justice evidences”. Mr. Daud added

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