IFAJ communications survey results

IFAJ-logoProfessional development continues to be a high priority for IFAJ members, according to a members’ survey. The survey, completed by 127 members, was designed to offer guidance to the federation going forward.

Its four sections included questions related to current activities, future activities, current communication tools and an open-ended section asking how IFAJ can become more relevant to executives and their guilds.

The responses show 46 per cent of respondents agreed that current professional development activities are valuable. Twenty-six per cent agreed somewhat. Respondents added that current IFAJ professional development activities are valuable as they bring worldwide colleagues together, including the international congress that provides international learning opportunities.

More than half of the respondents agreed that the contacts gathered via their IFAJ network provide value. Respondents were also provided the opportunity to give input into ways they could benefit even more from the international network. Responses varied, but included discovering ways to better connect with international colleagues and finding ways to share professional knowledge.

Related to future activities, 86 per cent said they would value regional press tours and exchange visits to learn and write about agriculture in another country. Respondents provided feedback that some possible future activities might include a membership database, a debate about the role of the journalists and communicators in IFAJ, more exchange meetings, focus on major issues including climate change, education, new technologies, solar power, or scholarship support for young journalists to study in other countries.

The survey concluded with an open-ended question asking respondents to provide feedback into what IFAJ can do to become more relevant to their guild. Executives replied that that IFAJ could provide a list of colleagues who want to share information, provide a forum for questions and answers, consider ways to make congresses more affordable, help guilds communicate with members and keep focusing on improving current IFAJ activities.

To learn more about the IFAJ survey, you can see the full survey here.


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