SOMESHA is at African Media Leaders Forum 2014

somesha_logoDeveloping Strong Synergies and Partnerships for Africa, Media for Development: What Our Survey Found

African development has not been well served by media on the
continent. Other assertions could be derived from this: media
professionals are generally uninformed about national development
agendas; continental leadership has not factored the role of media in
their development programmes; support for media from development
partners has not been effective. Left to its own devices, media in
Africa has been unable to effectively accompany regional development
processes. Which then begs the question: what is the purpose of media
in Africa? And furthermore: why is media not a priority for policymakers
and their development partners? Why has the link between effective
media and the effectiveness of development programmes not been
Some will argue that development partners have invested significant
resources in African media over the years, forcing the question: to
what effect? That question prompted the survey that AMI carried
out, not to assess the impact of donor assistance or the support of
policymakers, but to simply determine what synergies could be found
between media intervention strategies. The results, contained in the
following report, threw up even more questions, some of them “rather
uncomfortable, even disturbing”.
A more detailed survey report will be produced in the coming weeks.
Initial findings have been put out here to inform the discussions of
the first Consultative Forum on Media Strategies to be organized by
the African Media Initiative. The singular objective of both the Forum
and survey is to find points of convergence between the myriad
programmes that support media development on the continent as a
first step towards introducing greater efficiencies in the system.

For more information download the report here:

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