Somalia Green advocacy field is growing a day by day, Now SERDA

shot0003 (3)The Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) needs to welcome on board the Somali Environmental and Rural Development (SERDA) which is a new initiative comes after when Somalia’s vegetation cover is still under disappearing at a fast rate. Entire forests are being clear-cut for the purpose of producing charcoal. What is inconsolable is the fact that most Somalis are unaware of the state at which their environment is. Even though the frequency of droughts and famines has increased, Somalis still remain unconcerned to the environmental degradation that is taking place.

SERDA was launched immediately an awareness campaign intended to bring environmental issues and matters to the forefront. To begin and gather momentum for this campaign, the agency has decided to conduct a clean energy forum. In which take place in the City Palace hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia and brought together a congregation of leading activists, thinkers, educationists, politicians, as well as private entities involved in clean energy and the environment conservation. Considering this, SERDA, through this forum, was provided a platform where the public is introduced to the concept of “clean energy” and how it works. It was really well prepared, informative and educative event as well.

On the other hand, the Somali Environmental and Rural Development (SERDA) convened its second programme by joining on 17th April 2015 celebrations and events entitled the Somali Tree Planting Day. The Somali Environmental and Rural Development SERDA distributed 2500 small plants to various populations in Mogadishu. Among the recipients of the plants was Keysaney Hospital in which welcomed SERDA initiative warmly.

Finally, the Secretary General of the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) who was attended and addressed the Clean Energy Forum participants vowed to shift SERDA activities and introducing other field initiatives nationally including ADESO, SATG, SCCN, SOSCENSA and PENALP. You can download here the report as PDF version.

For information for SERDA you can be reached the below contacts;

Hussein Ahmed Mohamud                      Abdirisak Muktar Yusuf

Executive Director, SERDA                       Programs Director, SERDA

+252615-824092                                        +252618682128


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