Keep up Mosquito Rights Worldwide

Mosquito-biteAmbassador Daud today issued a very imperative topic in which humankind consider that preventing mosquito bites is the first step to stopping infection and the spread of the malaria virus.
Dawn and Dusk. It is during these two time periods that mosquitoes are the most active but recently mosquito stater to come up with a new plan by means of looking for food and water in the noon time and even afternoon period mostly in Africa due to the climate change.

Meanwhile, mosquito is same with you and is a living thing which needs food and water and its not a good wise to eliminate and discriminate it due to the animal and wildlife rights. All people around the World needs to eat animal meat and drink animals milk as well as made animal potage for medicines and drugs, as a result of that mosquito’s food and water is coming from humankind and its reasonable to accept it.

God obligation in this planet is one of all animal rights participation in humankind life together with as living things substantially so that don’t try to keep mosquitoes out of your life and home respect it.

Globally, its not a good reasonable idea to use air conditioning to keep doors and windows shut, if mosquito is in love with you and needed to eat you as food due to fight life hunger at all levels of life in the planet in order to rid of climate change. Make sure to keep your neighborhood living things clear of hanger and your grass not cut shortly around your house by protecting animal’s safe haven in particularly mosquito.

Written by ambassador Daud Abdi Daud


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