SOMESHA Concerns the Death of Somalia Environment Minister

The Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) described the minister death the rule of ‘six degrees of separation’ for Somalia as is usually one or two.


This lovely man. Bur’i Mohamed Hamza was an Environmental Scientist who used his PHD for the good of his people & country. As the Minister of Environment of the Federal Republic of Somalia, he wanted to protect our country from the disasters of the last 25 years. He was founder of Somali Agriculture Technology Group (SAT|G), he was killed by Alshab in Nasahablod Hotel Attack on last Saturday evening.


Somali environments groups have lost a highly skilled & educated person. He leaves behind two adult children & a loving wife. A wife who sacrificed for her country to take care of the family while her husband worked to change.

Stop all the enemies against the progress of our environment. All lives are sacred.


By: Mohamed Hassan Mohamed

SOMESHA Programmes and Training Officer


About somesha

Somali Media for Environment, Science Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA)
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