A topic for fishery in Somalia

fishWhilst harboring the longest coastline in continental Africa (3,330 Kilometers), Somalia is geographically positioned in a favorable region in the world, with the Gulf of Aden to the North and the Indian Ocean to the east. Each year, Somali waters invite millions of tons of migratory fish species, creating one of the most profitable fishing grounds in Africa. In addition, the country has over 10,000 km2 of inland water area with two permanent rivers, the Juba and the Shebelle, which renders a great aquaculture potential.

Currently, the fisheries sector in Somalia has yet to be capitalized to its full potential. Studies conducted by SATG report that fish consumption at the household level is one of the lowest in Africa, with only 0.3% of the entire Somali population dependent on fishing as their principal livelihood. The fishing industry has contributed an average of 2% of the country’s total GDP. At present, the annual production of fisheries ranges between 25,000-30,000 MT/Year. For more news Continue reading


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