Somalia GNDR Members Endorsed RAG Teams Allocation

The Somalia affiliation members of the Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) are welcoming the process shifted over in the last 3 months in which a lot of things have been recognized as more different Regional Advisory Groups (RAGs) have been approved following regional consultations with members, and those approved have started to work together through online meetings.

Apart from the other regional teams the National members team of Somalia who are preliminary forefront group presentation of the East Africa members of the RAG was confirmed in March 2017. There are seven members in total, Uganda (Enock Nimpamya / Coalition of Environment Climate Change Uganda), Kenya (Mohamed Sheikh / AFOSC-Kenya), Burundi (Prime Nkezimukama / CIDEP), Tanzania (Musa Wamuyo Mussa / CTECO), Somalia (Abdullahi Nur / CEPID Horn of Africa), Ethiopia (Demesa Getachew / CORDAID) and Rwanda (John Musengama / Mana-Disaster Organization). The East Africa RAG has developed the ToRs and a regional priority action plan is currently being developed into a simple regional strategy paper which should inform fundraising.

Mr. Abdullahi Nur of CEPID who heads the national Team was met and alert the GNDR local members on Monday afternoon 17th of July, 2017 at Afrik hotel due to share with them the current ongoing GNDR processes including the membership recategorisation and other projects ahead.

They were also discussed the way GNDR was formed and watched together the History of GNDR, from its inception in Kobe, Japan in 2005 all the way to 2017 in Cancun, Mexico, has been created and shared with members and thanked  its team and welcome her membership of the the European Confederation of Relief and Development NGOs (CONCORD).


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