Thank given message to SOMESHA East Africa representative by his reassignment

The Secretary General of the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) thrilled to thank our colleague Mr. Abdirahman Noor Ali who was accepting to leave and end his work in the East Africa regional office of SOMESHA .

He did a tremendous cooperation over the period he was a member staff of SOMESHA though he was the winner of SOMESHA Golden Green Journalism Award who is a professional journalist reporting Science topics and peace issues nationwide. He was also recently nominated the Executive Committee members of the Pan African Agricultural Journalists (PAAJ) while he was representing SOMESHA.

During the next view days SOMESHA will nominate a new regional representative who will be extraordinarily work with UNEP, FAO, UNICEF, WHO, IGAD, UNESCO and UNISDR offices based at Nairobi, Kenya.


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Somali Media for Environment, Science Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA)
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