SOMESHA welcomes the launch of the SWNHS initiative to secure Somalia Wildlife

Somali Media for Environment Science Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) thrilled to attend the inauguration of the Somalia Wildlife and Natural History Society (SWNHS) initiative on August 6, 2018 at Afrik hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia.

“Though it’s our core value to change our society and encourage them to serve their nature, SOMESHA is feeling better and was taken it’s have your say comment during the inauguration ceremony” said Mr. Daud Abdi Daud, SOMESHA Secretary General

The event was opened by Dr. Osman Gedow Amir who is the executive director of the Somalia Wildlife and Natural History Society (SWNHS) and the other staff including Dr. Abdulkadir Abou and Dr. Mohamed Hassan Bare.

The formation of the Somalia Wildlife and Natural History Society (SWNHS) initiative just comes after when the Wild elephants, lions, leopards, giraffe, buffalo and ostriches have been spotted in Somalia’s Lower Jubba area in the first sightings of the animals in the east African country in decades.

“The animals are believed to have been displaced from Kenya’s Boni forest by ongoing security operations against the armed group al-Shabab that operates in the area but SOMESHA investigated and obtain that the densely forested area used to be home to herds of wild animals and birds until the start of the Somali war in 1991 which led to unabated poaching”. Mr. Daud added

He further stated that the animals which escaped the poachers migrated across the border in to Kenya. But with sense of normalcy now returning to Somalia the animals’ fortunes seems to be changing.

However, SOMESHA and the newly established Somalia Wildlife and Natural History Society (SWNHS) initiative will work closely by securing the natural resources and documenting the history and Somalia’s wildlife movement.


For more information and interviews you can reach Dr. Osman Gedow Amir on and Mr. Daud of SOMESHA on 

Many thanks,

Aniso Isse Hassan, Media relations officer


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