Penetrating motives on foreign Media Organizations evolving for Somali Media

The Somali Media for Environment Science Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) expands her concerns towards how foreign media development organizations are operating as disputes among the International Media Support (IMS) and Somali journalists associations escalates.

As it’s widely acknowledged Somalia has been without a trustful central administrative government since the collapse of the military rule in 1990.

Following, that the overall security situation remained volatile across Somalia, including in Mogadishu, despite the operationalization of the Mogadishu stabilization force and strengthened security measures but still there are a number explosions caused by vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, mainly in the vicinity of Makka Al-Mukarama Road, an area frequented by Government officials, with some commercial establishments. There was a steady flow of low-intensity armed clashes, crime and terrorism-related incidents in across Somalia regional states, with two large-scale attacks using vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices. Targeted assassinations continued in the city with a record number of journalists and civil society assassinations targeting businessmen, security personnel, foreign Aid servants and Government officials.

“I believe that foreign organizations and humanitarian actors are looking at the need to reach political agreements and social development in Somalia that can help create peace and stability but our assessed the current situation is different and I have a doubt that they don’t know for those who can help them the target points as some organizations including the International Media Support (IMS) is financing a group of armed radical media outlets and newly formed press associations to violate the existed once but I assure IMS and the goodwill wishers that these group better known as SOMA network will not finally accept community diversity regardless of race, culture or religion” said SOMESHA Secretary General

“However, IMS should respect how Somali media can be an instrument of peace in conflict-prone settings whereas in recent years, the importance of a free, professional and plural media in contributing to good governance has gained traction in the international development community, a vibrant media gives people free flowing access to information, enables dialogue, encourages people to express their views, prompts greater political participation and encourages accountability so we are demanding justice and impartial role from IMS and all international media development and humanitarian organizations including UN agencies”. Mr. Daud added

SOMESHA recounts that IMS is doing training’s and campaigns for the Journalism sensitive to conflict in which empowers reporters to report conflicts professionally without feeding the flames by reporting reliable and unbiased information to the public in a time of violent conflict requires additional journalism skills and a deeper understanding of what causes conflict, how it develops and ends. It allows the reporters must know where to look for solutions and crucially, they must be aware of media’s role and the responsibility that follows with this in times of conflict.

IMS should know that Somalia is still suffering a religiously motivated violence so by seeking up-to-date research and evidence on the evolving aspects of violent extremism in order to develop effective mechanisms and strategies to prevent CVE needs to set up bilateral social modality and modernization skill to avoid discrimination and criminalization matter against one community or group.


For more details and interview you can reach Mr. Daud Abdi on +252616349997 and via email:


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