Money is terrorism life kit not Somalia Lifeline

daauudquruxThe Secretary General of the Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) Mr. Daud Abdi Daud needs to respond today the closure of money remittance providers in Kenya as the Government of Kenya extends crackdown on alleged financiers of shabab.

Perpetrators of violence are not openly keen on to join or respect the cooperating in the global fight against abuse of the financial system for illegal activities. In Somalia there is no any official institution which controls when these actions occur.

Typically, Africa has become uncertain, unsafe and indeed a very insecure place by the specter of terror and the threat of terrorists who have taken advantage of Globalization to globalize violence and terror in ever increasing magnitudes.

“It was widely believed that a nation without dynamic functional central bank can’t access to do monitoring and evaluation regarding its economic roots, effects and political impacts research, However, I believe that Along with the emergency professionals, journalists are often “first responders” when it comes terrorism act or humanitarian responses “said SOMESHA Secretary General

The challenge facing the financial industry or Somalia remittances is to implement measures that prevent illegal behavior without penalizing the efficient processing of legitimate financial transactions.

SOMESHA Recommendations;

  1. Responsibilities
    Somalia remittances policy should be that its services should not be used to facilitate illegal activities. Users are urged to take all reasonable steps to prevent any misuse of the remittance system.

2. Cooperation
SOMESHA has a history of cooperating in good faith with authorities such as central banks, treasury departments, law enforcement agencies and appropriate international organizations in their efforts to combat abuse of the financial system for illegal activities. It is ready to help Somalia remittances and Government of Kenya as well as other international money transfer agencies if they requested.

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