Somalia Students formed Agricultural Union

Somalia Agricultural Students from different regions with different universities come togerther and form a professional network named Somalia Agricultural Students Development Association (SASDA).

The chairperson of SASDA said; Along with providing advice, sports clubs, societies and volunteering opportunities, we’re also here to represent your views. As a democratic organization, we are led by the people you choose, and we have regular public meetings and a formal constitution that determines how we’re run and how you can make changes.

Union of Somalia Students has been around for many years and will be around for many to come, so we don’t just focus on this year, we plan for years to come. Our strategic plan outlines our key objectives and the things we are doing to develop and improve your Union and your universities experiences.The SASDA chairperson added

SASDA aims to promote the exchange of knowledge, information and ideas among students through seminars, working camps, international meetings, exchange.

The Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) thrilled to support and be SASDA’s first partnership organization.


For more information and interviews you can be reached on  or phone + 252615985943. Also SOMESHA you can be reached on as well as +252616349997.


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